“Tattooligans” tattoo studio started out as “Magic Needles” in 1999. In 2004, it was re-named and under the name of “Tattooligans” has established itself as an internationally-renowned studio.
Its accolades include being awarded more than 80 prizes in world-class tattoo conventions. The artists work consistently and enthusiastically to uphold the strong reputation they have built, travelling the world to participate in the biggest tattoo competitions and earning great recognition among the tattoo community worldwide.
They continuously evolve their style and technique, keeping their pulse on new tools and forms of tattoo art, always setting the standard at the cutting edge of their industry.
Every artist is doing specific designs and undertakes only those that strictly belong to the kind that he is drawing. This way the maximum of attention is given to every design so that the optimum result is achieved.
Tattoligans have their own policy on design and in case a design is not feasible, then it is not implemented, so that a possible loss or deformation of the tattoo is avoided. Even if the client wants a tattoo which is not in the right point and will not have the optimum result, the necessary advice is given under the prism of the aesthetic parts and the perfect outcome. In the extreme case that the client is not negotiable and doesn’t take the advice of the studio’s experts under consideration, the tattoo is not implemented, no matter of the financial part.


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